The Montessori Difference

Last Wednesday, I attended a VMS reception for new VMS parents. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone.  Many great conversations took place that evening, yet one conversation in particular really resonated with me.

A new VMS parent asked an alumni parent, “What is the most important difference a Montessori education provided your child who is now in high school?” The parent of the VMS graduate was quick to answer. “My daughter has learned to value and take ownership of her education. As a high school student, my daughter is eager to learn about subjects presented in her class; instead of focusing just on the grade or the test, she challenges herself to learn more.  When my daughter first transitioned to public high school, she was surprised by the lack of enthusiasm displayed by many of her peers.  Most of her friends focused on the shortest way to complete an assignment, versus absorbing the knowledge and wanting to learn more.  That was one of the first ‘ah ha’ moments my daughter had regarding the uniqueness of a Montessori education. How lucky she is that she loves to learn!”

The parent who had asked the question was nodding his head in agreement and shared, “You know, the first time in my life that I truly enjoyed school was during the time I was involved in my graduate education. I loved every minute of class, I was in charge of my education and I understood the difference. I certainly want that passion for my child”.

I agree. It truly is a gift to take charge of your own education and to develop a love of learning.  I feel this is what children experience when they spend their most impressionable years here in a Montessori classroom. Many former Montessori students agree. Enjoy this brief video I came across of the founders of  Google and how Montessori influenced them.