The Power of Community Service

During your child’s Montessori years, we lay the foundation for responsible citizenship. Children learn kindness, respect, and empathy which are important internal strengths that connect them to others. Character building strengths like honesty, responsibility, fairness, and compassion are the kind of human qualities that foster responsible and innovative citizens who question why some people face hunger, debate solutions for clean energy and actively care about others in their community and beyond.
Our VMS community boldly demonstrated great compassion through generous donations towards our Middle School bake sale raising $3,850 for the Red Cross to assist the many families in need due to hurricanes and flooding.
In addition, our Middle School Community Service class is stepping up and leading the way to support Montessori Schools in Houston, Texas that suffered tremendous damage to their classrooms. The Community Service class is packing an assortment of gently used Montessori materials that VMS has available in storage to send to Houston. Middle School and High School students from the School of the Woods in Houston, will be helping to organize and deliver the materials to the local Houston Montessori schools in need. Through this type of action, young people develop the capacity to organize others, acquiring problem-solving, organizational and leadership skills that enable them to take more active roles in their communities as young adults.
No matter how young or old, everyone benefits by participating in community service. Together, we can encourage our children to become part of a new generation of young innovative people, prepared to take responsibility, lead others, and tackle tomorrow’s social and environmental challenges.