VMS aligns with the Alameda County Public Health Department.

For complete, up-to-date Covid-19 Guidance, see the Alameda County 2022-2023 School Guidance document.
Contact the VMS Covid Team at covidteam@valleymontessorischool.com with Covid-related questions or if your child has symptoms or has been exposed to Covid.

Currently, the ACPHD and CDPH still strongly recommend masks in all public indoor spaces, including schools. In addition, VMS requires masks in the following situations:

  • Parents, caregivers and visitors are required to wear masks indoors at VMS if in the building for extended periods of time including Meet & Greets, Classroom Observations, etc.
  • Students and staff are required to wear masks for 10 day following an exposure to someone with Covid. This includes classroom exposures as well as exposures outside of school.
  • Student and staff are required to wear masks for 10 days post travel.

Covid-19 Exposure & Positive Case Protocols:  See the Covid-19 Flowchart for Parents

What do I do if I have symptoms?  Here are the Diagnostic Testing Options for symptomatic individuals regardless of vaccination status:
  • PCR Test: Negative test result and the student may return to school.
  • Antigen Tests (including at-home tests): Since antigen tests may not detect infection in the early stages, a negative antigen test must be followed by a second antigen test 24-48 hours after the first test. The student must stay home until after 2nd negative test.
  • Note regarding allergies:
    With allergy season upon us, we understand some have had concerns about allergy symptoms being mistaken as Covid symptoms. When students exhibit a new symptom(s), we align with the ACPHD and require the above testing procedure to determine it is not due to Covid. If the student tests negative and the symptoms continue, a doctor’s note indicating the symptoms are due to allergies would suffice. No additional testing would be required.
  • Note regarding siblings:
    If not exhibiting symptoms, siblings of a symptomatic individual do not need to stay home while awaiting test results.
Household Exposures:  What if someone in my household has Covid?   
Families living with a household member with Covid have a very high risk of contracting it, regardless of their vaccination status. Therefore, it is imperative that the Covid positive individual fully isolates from the rest of the household. The remaining family members may come to school as long as they:
  • Test immediately and have a negative test result.
  • Wear a well-fitting mask for 10 days from most recent exposure.
  • Test on day 5. If negative, the individual should still wear a well-fitting mask through day 10.

Non-Household Exposures: What if I am expose to someone with Covid?

Both PCR and at home Antigen test results are acceptable to exit quarantine for a student exposed to Covid, you may:
  • PCR test on day 5 or after. If negative, the student may return to school.
  • Antigen Test on day 5 or after. If negative, the student may return to school.
Testing to Exit Isolation: When can my student come back to school if they test positive for Covid?

Antigen test results are recommended to exit isolation for a Covid positive individual. Get tested on or after day 5 to return to school before day 11. When negative, the student may return to the classroom.

Air Travel Quarantine Guidance:
Individuals who travel, especially by public transportation, are considered “exposed” to Covid but may return to school if they:
  • wear a well-fitting mask for 10 days post travel
  • test on day 5 post travel
Test and Stay in School (School Exposures)

VMS participates in the Test and Stay in School program, whereby students exposed at school may stay in school if they:

  1. Test before returning to school the day after exposure.
  2. Test on day five after exposure. (The day of exposure is Day 0.)
  3. Wear a well-fitting mask for 10 days after exposure.

Final Note:

Since each situation may have different circumstances, we encourage you to reach out to the Covid Team covidteam@valleymontessorischool.com with questions.

Note: Staff Guidance per CalOSHA can be found on Staff Page.



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