Upper El Art with Jill

Hello Families of My Wonderful Willow and Redwood Students! 

Week of May 18-May 22Foreground, Middle Ground, Background 

Welcome back to the virtual art room! I hope you all had fun making some squiggle drawings last week. It’s a pretty silly and fun activity! This week we are going to go over some terms that we have talked about before, especially while we were painting our Livermore landscapes.  

 Foreground is the part of the painting closest to us.  

Middle ground is the space that is not closest to us, yet not the farthest away. 

Background is that part of the picture that is farthest away from us. In a landscape, this usually includes the sky, but not exclusively. 


Project: Folded Paper “Grounds” 

  • You will need a piece of white paper. I used paper from my printer which is ok, but I decided to watercolor it and I had to be very careful not to use too much water. When choosing your paper, think about what materials you would like to use. 
  • Fold your paper into thirds, the best you can, in a zig zag formation (when you look at the end of the paper, it should look like the letterZ or S once folded. You have now created 3 rectangles, one for foreground, one for middle ground, and one for background.  
  • With your paper all folded, you will start by drawing your foreground. Your foreground image will most likely be on the lower 1/3 of the paper, but you may choose to have a larger foreground image (look at Van Gogh’s Starry Night above…the large tree in the foreground). What do you draw? You can choose to draw anything! You might want to start out by thinking what kind of picture you want to make. I have been missing going to San Francisco, so I decided to do my collection of SF sights. I chose greenery, bushes to be in my foreground. I could have chosen a grassy hill with a close up of a dog’s face… Anyways, you get the idea…you are the artist and get to choose your topic. 
  • Once you have drawn your foreground on that first rectangle, you are going to cut out all of the space above your image and discard it.
  • Then you need to draw your middle ground. I drew buildings. Once you are finished drawing it, you will cut out all of the space above that rectangle that you didn’t use, and discard it.

  • Lastly, you will draw your background. I drew a hill, a bridge, some water, and the sky. 
  • Now, using whatever materials you have at our house, fill it in with color (pictures below…I have not finished painting mine yet). 

I hope you enjoy this project!  

I miss you all! 




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