Thursday, July 7, 2022

Join us for this year’s summer musical production!

There will be two performances: 1:30pm and 7:00pm

The Cast!

Rafiki Soloists  Sophia, Ingrid, Harper, Eshna, Jessica

Rafiki 1 Mabel

Rafiki 2 Connor

Rafiki 3 Kellen

Rafiki 4 Ruhi

Rafiki 5 Madhuri

Animal Ensemble  Arienne, Adelyn Leys, Jaxson,
Ameera, Charlie, Megan, Aadesh, Ryan, Sienna, Andie

Hyena Ensemble  Rohan, Gia

Lion Den Ensemble  Ines, Olivia, Sonia

Young Simba Elijah

Young Nala Ava

Simba Evan

Nala Hayden

Scar Zara

Timon Juniper

Pumbaa Jazell

Mufasa Austin

Zazu Vera

Sarabi Lila

Shenzi (Hyena) Ronin

Banzai (Hyena) Ignacio

Ed (Hyena) Najib

The Costumes!

Dear Lion King Parents,

It has been so much fun working on the play! As you know, we need your help with the costumes. The list below describes what your child will need for their characters. Please send their costumes in a gallon size ziplock bag with their name written on it with a sharpie. * Please make sure the t-shirt is crew neck and short sleeves with no writing or symbols on it. I would recommend Michael’s for t-shirts. 

Note: All costumes need to be brought in by Monday, June 27th!

Thank you for your support and partnership, 

Nargees, Tammy and Jack 

Lion King Shopping List:


  • Gray  crew neck t-shirt 
  • Gray shorts  

Animal Ensemble 

  • Black crew neck t-shirt 
  • Black shorts

Hyena Ensemble/ Shenzi, Banzai, Ed

  • Gray crew neck t-shirt
  • Gray Shorts 

Lion Den Ensemble 

  • Tan crew neck shirt 
  • Tan shorts 

Young Simba/ adult Simba

  • Yellow crew neck shirt 
  • Yellow short 

Young Nala/ Adult Nala, Sarabi 

  • Yellow crew neck shirt 
  • Yellow Short


  • Brown crew neck  t-shirt
  • Brown shorts


  • Yellow crew neck shirt
  • Brown vest 
  • Brown pants (preferably wide pants)


  • Brown  crew neck shirt
  • Brown shorts 


  • Brown red  crew neck shirt 
  • Black shorts 


  • Blue crew neck shirt
  • Blue shorts

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