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The word “listen has the same letters as the word “silent”.  Now that I am a grandparent, I realize more than ever the power and importance of listening to children. What a difference it makes when my granddaughter (or truly any person) believes what they have to say is valid
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The Montessori Difference

Last Wednesday, I attended a VMS reception for new VMS parents. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone.  Many great conversations took place that evening, yet one conversation in particular really resonated with me. A new VMS parent asked an alumni parent, “What is the most important difference a Montessori
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Welcome Back

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year at VMS. This year at Valley Montessori School, we are celebrating 40 years of educating and inspiring students! VMS began as a dream for Elizabeth Marshall, our founder, who opened the first VMS primary class in Livermore with six children in 1976. It’s amazing
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