Giving & Getting Involved

Valley Montessori School relies on the participation and enthusiasm of our donors and volunteers to achieve our goals in promoting and strengthening the variety of opportunities available to our students. Our continued success would not be possible without the active participation and extraordinary commitment of our families and friends. Click here to see our Giving and Getting Involved brochure.

Volunteer – The Gift of Time

VMS volunteers make valuable contributions and a meaningful difference through their gift of time. They also help build community and provide an inspiring example for our students. As children watch parents, grandparents, alumni and friends generously share their time and energy, they learn the importance of giving and getting involved. If you would like more information or have questions, contact Rose Rehberger 455.8021 x215

Support VMS Financially

We celebrate and appreciate the generosity of those who support VMS via our annual giving program, sponsoring school events, contributing to the tuition assistance fund, supporting technology advancement and purchasing materials for our garden.
Everything we do is in partnership to provide an exceptional learning environment supporting the children of Valley Montessori School.

Support the Classroom

Volunteers are welcomed and needed in every level at VMS. Opportunities to support your child’s classroom include serving as part of a room parent team, being a classroom photographer, working with the children in the garden – or simply bringing in a dish to share on one of your classroom’s special event days.

Cultivate the Edible Schoolyard

We’ve created our own sustainable garden here on campus for the children to cultivate and enjoy. With the help of VMS volunteers, including parents, staff and students, we’ve created an outdoor environment where children of all ages can enjoy nature and the benefits of gardening. With parent donations, we have built a sustainable chicken coop that is the home for a flock of chickens hatched here in our own VMS classrooms!

Contribute to the VMS Annual Fund

We rely on ongoing philanthropic support to fill the gap between tuition revenue and the true cost of running our school, and allow our programs to be continually enhanced each year. Participation in the VMS Annual Fund is essential and is viewed as a critical form of parent involvement. In an effort to grow a strong Annual Fund for VMS we ask each member of the VMS community to give as generously as you can to support our exceptional school.

Participate in the Annual VMS Spring Gala!

Join us for an evening of delicious food, drinks, music and laughter, while participating in good-humored bidding competitions for the many tempting items donated to VMS. The Spring Gala is our most important fundraising event of the year, and has proven to be the most fun you can have in one night!


Thank you

Many thanks to all of our dedicated donors and volunteers who help enhance the classroom experience, grow our outdoor learning environments, make our fundraisers a smashing success and help maintain the strong, caring, close-knit community that we know and love at here at Valley Montessori School.

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